After an update, we lost all data associated with our site, except for most of the databases so its not all bad. Anyway, we have started from scratch again and will be introducing new features while taking away a few old ones. Features we decided to remove for example is the forum we had. We no longer want nor need a forum at this time.  At the moment this is an update site apart from what we are building, but in time we will merge the both using this theme. (Still incomplete, come back later)


About Epic Nation:

Epic nation was first founded as another group (which shall remain disclosed, but isn’t a secret) on June 19th,2008. After a hacking incident, the three owners all left the group and one went his separate way never to be heard from again, the other two created a new group  on December 27th 2009 until one of the owners was deployed. On June 13th,2010 the remaining owner founded Epic Nation with its focus in Counter-Strike: Source. It has since moved away from Counter-strike and towards Team Fortress 2. From the very beginning, the owner wanted the group to have a main focus around just having fun.  (REVISION 2:J314_051714 LastREVISIONF0817.) KEEP EDITING.


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