Donate for Moderator!

For donating to our servers and community, you get to be a Moderator!

What is a moderator you ask, well moderator is just like mini admin! As we do not sell admin, this is the next best thing. By donating, you can help us stay alive (as hosting a web server and game servers can get expensive) and help keep our servers Clean, Friendly, and Fun

Don’t worry! you get benefits too!

Benefits include:

Custom Chat colors (Over 100 colors!)

-[MOD] Tag

-Reserved Slot on all servers

-Noclip Self (achievement server)

-Team Ban Players (Achievement server,To be used moderately)

-Switch players team (Achievement Server, To be used moderately)

-Colorize yourself

-Buddha (achievement server)

-Change your rate of fire(achievement server)

-Give crits to players (Achievement server, usually used to help with achievements)

-And more!

 You can also enter a friends steamid/community link to give them the gift of moderator!

After you enter the information below, you will be taken to another screen so you can confirm everything. Benefits are given within minutes!

By Donating, you agree to the following: All Epic-Nation Moderator donations can be cancelled at any time, for any reason, by either the Epic-Nation administrative staff or the donator. To change your paypal information, or change its funding source, you must log into your PayPal account to do so. We reserve the right to refuse service. A Donation that is cancelled due to a violation of the game server rules of conduct will NOT be prorated or refunded. We reserve the right to remove your benefits for not following rules or abusing and through terms within the future with NO REFUNDS. If the reason its being removed is a concern of Valve Software, a report will be automatically created and sent on the servers behalf. There is NO guarantee the server will be up as long as you have benefits. If the server fails but is still operational, your benefits will be extended for free. From buying the benefit, this does not make you invulnerable in anyway, doesn't matter what type of benefits you have, all server rules must be followed, including valve rules regarding plugins and server information. In addition, Epic-Nation Benefits, plugins, availability and performance is not a guarantee and may change at any time without notice. Epic-Nation reserves the right to alter the terms of this agreement at any time without notice. Your benefits may be taken away for ignoring server rules, abusing commands, giving mass commands (commands to a large amount of players who don't have access), giving Epic-Nation a bad reputation, exploits and hacking of any kind. Threats against other players is not tolerated and may consult law enforcement. IF you borrow someone's credit card and the payment is reversed, you will be permanently banned and action will be taken to the proper law enforcement. For further questions, you may contact admin(at)epic-nation(dot)com